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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy- Jakhu News is a comprehensive online platform connecting and supporting India’s expanding entrepreneurship ecosystem. The site brings together content on India’s companies, startups, investors, events, jobs, classes, blogs, videos, workspace, accelerators, incubators, resources, and organizations. For questions relating to the existing content or technical issues on the site: [email protected]


Our mission is to spread the light of awareness everywhere. we try lot to do all possible things to satisfy our users. we publish content on this site after deep research on the internet. sometimes there is no much information available about certain topics, so we try to outsource it from a trusted source.


Jakhunews offers news and information about specific industries, technologies, and applications. This content includes news, feature articles, discussion forums, how-to guides, special reports, case studies, blogs, videos, webinars and information supplied by readers.

Our business model relies on revenue from advertisers and sponsors. These companies advertise products and services through banners, storefronts, product listings and other marketing vehicles. They also sponsor specific portions or features of the sites.

If you want to recommend a news article you feel would be relevant you can email your suggestion to our editor at [email protected]